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Take It For Free


Terms & Conditions:

·       “Take it for Free” offer applies on all items except the fresh food due to the quality and variety considerations, the alcoholic beverages, tobacco and electronic items.

·         This offer does not apply on near expiry items sold at the Supermarkets at discounted prices also not on counterfeit items.

·         Carrefour employees (current & previous) and suppliers are excluded from this offer.

·         This offer does not apply to customers who or their relatives benefit from special discounts from outside Supermarkets.

·         This offer does not apply to different family members purchasing the same item.

·         This offer is applied for one flavour & piece of each product.

·         The customer who would like to benefit from this program, should submit the following to the customer Service Desk in any branch:

      -  Competitor’s original invoice along with the products indicating full description of the product within 24 hours from the day of purchase.

·         The customer may keep a copy of the invoices for his records.